An Authorization Market Hub for the Food Supply Chain

About Geni Hub

Geni Hub is the world’s first cloud community that enables B2B2C to transact, collaborate, trace, certify, and manage workflow. Decentralized, encrypted, only a login ID and password needed. Full access control with no expensive hardware investment, no integration, no protocol changes.

Log in to talk, transact and report among disparate systems. Products are authenticated, traced, and certified on the fly. People are authorized with full access control, and processes are completely authenticated within the single system. No integration or database management needed. No barrier to entry.


Core Features


You will be able to buy, sell, finance or get financed, in the supply chain marketplace, both B2B and B2C.

Institutional cooperative buying and selling power in the marketplace. E.g. Multiple independent farmers or wholesalers can combine their yield to sell to bigger brands. E.g. Small retailers, such as wine stores, can create a cooperative to buy regen organic wine in bulk, to lower the unit price and compete with conglomerate wine retailers. E.g. cooperative service buying power: Create a coop of 1,000 farmers to get affordable health insurance for employees. Coops are a B2B benefit of the engaged supply chain.

Certification Tracking

Trace/Report on the Fly
Source to Table automated, military-level secure tracing/tracking and reporting any format for any audit certifiers. Not just for the regen food supply, but this scalable, data mining platform conducts tracing for any process, with up to a million of origin sources, for any vertical supply chain. Its algorithmic analytic ability, coupled with its ability to scale, enables enormous amounts of accurate data to be mined and then leveraged: regen principles used for innovative designs for improved regenerative value added processes. Because Geni Hub’s Source to Table tracing includes disparate accounting systems settlement, it can be prescriptive, to innovate the ethical sourcing for difficult challenges such as the slave labor trade supply chain, or apparel. Base level tracing is free for Level 4 subscribers, and discounted for all other subscription levels, with volume data point discounts for paid subscribers of all levels.

Ease of Use

No Integration
No software integration,  no new software or hardware or personnel costs;  use existing programs to connect, engage, transact, and report.  You engage in the supply chain with whatever you have now. Everything is translated and shared on the fly.

Cyber Security/CTI

Military Secure 3rd party mgmt.
Military level cybersecurity for the entire supply chain and all interactions Geni Hub. Includes due diligence, CMMC preparedness, vendor management, third-party risk management, cyber threat intel feeds, thwarting cyber attacks, reporting for law enforcement, insurance, and courts.


You have an option for discounts on POS systems/ecommerce for farming/garden centers, processors/retail/wholesalers/brands, wellness, restaurants, liquor. The POS partners are payments agnostic, so subscribers also receive discounts on existing payments processing, or the ability to switch to a preferred processor. POS systems include mobile devices, tablets, hand held logistics scanners – POS option for everyone in the supply chain. Complimentary assessment of merchant services contracts, and a prescription for  lower costs, also available for paid levels of subscribers.

Geni Exchange

The Wall Street of Regen

Like Wall or Fleet Street, Geni Hub facilitates networking, business development, matching financiers and investment bankers with the appropriate projects. We foster partnerships, alliances and coops, finding financing, sponsors, and grants, sending out RFPs. Different levels of subscriptions enables different levels of participation.

Proven Capability

The underlying platform that Geni Hub is built on has been in use for years after 20 years of development. With lists of projects that have scaled to millions of users, the Geni Hub platform has a proven record of effectiveness and security. This technology has managed 35 Billion EU funds while sustaining no security breaches.

Years In Development

Billion of Managed Funds

Zero Times Hacked

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