Welcome to the

Next Gen Market Matrix

GeniHub transforms traditional supply chains with cutting-edge verification, track and trace technology, and military-grade cybersecurity, providing a dynamic, real-time view of products at every market node.

Ease of Use

No new softwear or hardwear needed. Use existing programs to connect, engage, transact, and report.


Military-grade cybersecurity, including due diligence, vendor and third-party risk management and more.

Certification Tracking

Empowers any stakeholder to prove any claim towards other stakeholders in any vertical supply chain.


Institutional cooperative buying and selling power. Buy, sell, finance, or get financed, both B2B and B2C.

Sales & Marketing

Diverse distribution channels: SaaS, direct sales, referral networks, e-commerce platform, and more.

Live Reporting

SaaS cloud-based technology that enables real-time reporting of product movement.

 UI/UX Executive Dashboard Features Live Reporting in Customizable Widgets


Step Into the Future of DeFi

Welcome to the future of decentralized ecosystems with $GENI, GeniHub’s utility token. Our tokenomics model is designed to drive the adoption and ongoing success of our platform, creating a seamless bridge between Web2 and Web3.