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About CDI

CDI was created to revolutionize the agricultural industry, regenerate the planet and to heal our relationship with nature at the ground level.

Meet Maya van der Meer,

CDI Co-Founder & Executive Director


Maya has spent her professional career using her multiple talents to support organizations that benefit the greater good. She is also a children’s book author and educator. With the next generations in mind, there is perhaps no more worthy cause than protecting our precious planet. Thus, she has co-founded and taken on a leadership role to ensure the success of CDI’s mission to rapidly transform, regenerate, and heal our relationship to nature.   

Maya is a first-generation Polish-American, born in the beautiful rolling hills in West Virginia. She was able to begin visiting Poland after communism fell in the early 1990s where her future life partner, Tokya Dammond was actively converting over 25,000 acres to organically farmed land. They wouldn’t meet until many years later but the fact that Tokya had preserved Polish traditional farming methods while supporting biodiversity endeared him to her. Furthermore, she saw Tokya’s visionary and innovative approach could be impactful on a larger scale and suggested creating a network for regenerative supply chains based on his supply chain wizardry. Tokya joined forces with strategic tech partners and Geni Hub was born. CDI is in process of filing for public charity status to keep the power of Geni 100% focused on mission: to heal and regenerate as much of the Earth’s surface as we can during this crucial decade.

Maya and Tokya currently live and raise their children in New York State’s Catskill Mountain Watershed.