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Endorsed by NATO and MIT

Data QR

3D video-based QR coding. A worldwide patented solution for centralized, hierarchical authentication and secure encryption of personal identifiable information (PII), photos, latent biometric images, entire documents, tickets, payment cards and medical data.

Cyber Intel Matrix

Industrial cyber crime prevention, supply chain security, malware prevention, real time threat analysis, legally admissible threat hunting and evidence, counterattack.

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Featured at MIT

Crypto and Biometric Innovation Panel

If you can reliably authenticate data, instead of sharing data, you can eliminate a lot of legal obstacles. Many systems can encrypt, but because traditionally the encryption key and decryption key aren’t the same, there is room for corruption. With Data QR, the encryption and decryption key are the same, giving it greater authenticity. Data QR is video and can be transmitted safely, can contain much more data than 2d QRs, and authentication ability doesn’t expire because the key pair doesn’t expire.

Legally, biometric data is a powerful tool in the defense against terrorism by reducing the ability of the enemy to remain anonymous. Data QR, along with BSS Unit’s Cyber Threat Intel system Cyber Intel Matrix (CIM), enables secure authentication and identification of terrorists, particularly APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats).

The Executive Director of BSS Unit/Data QR, Andras Patkai, had a role in the panel because BSS Unit’s technologies alleviate legal challenges, while empowering individuals in connectivity and automation. Supply chain automation in any vertical is pertinent.


    Featured at NATO

    Biometrics Technical Interoperability Workshop

    MIT invited Patkai to join its Crypto and Biometric Panel because of BSS Unit’s ongoing role in NATO’s NATO Biometrics Technical Interoperability Workshop. At the most recent workshop, Dec 1, 2021, in The Hauge, Patkai demonstrated Data QR. NATO’s interest in Data QR and CIM, is to authenticate rather than share data, enable offline verification, and connect a biometric subject’s “identity biometric record” to their personal data & intel. Such authentication of personal identifying documents reduces intentional fraud, error, and exclusive reliance on the probabilistic nature of the biometric matching process. NATO’s follow-up report confirmed that the 3D Data QR has the ability to assist NATO in reaching its goals. Key to Data QR’s power is not only its reliability but interoperability with all biometric systems.



    Underlying Authentication Technology for GeniHub

    Data QR is the underlying authentication technology for GeniHub. Data QR, integrated with BSS Unit’s developed low code framework tools, provide the reliable, secure universal data authenticating and interactivity capabilities of GeniHub. And CIM enables legally admissible protection for supply chain participants inside GeniHub, with its real-time ability to identify threats, such as malware/ransomeware/spyware, and protect devices of all kinds. Data QR drives seamless supply chain automation, and real-time authentication, tracing and tracking. Because Data QR is digital, strings of QR codes can be stacked and create tracing and tracking on the fly, ready to be authenticated from farmer to consumer.



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    Tokya Dammond


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