Level 2 Subscription

Revenue Streams and Savings

Revenue Streams

NGO Sales

Including event ticket sales, fundraising, and merchandise.

Grant and Payment Managment

Grants can be applied for, issued, and all payments/accounting settled between disparate systems with zero integration.

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures can be formed, jointly engage in procurement and account settlement with no integration.

Data Mining and Marketing

Data mining and marketing between partners is on the fly without integration.



All subscribers are offered payment processing via InfoTouch, leveraging the Geni Hub network’s community discount rate. 

Free Review

The program includes a free review of merchant services agreements, and discounts on POS systems, including mobile POS devices for onsite sales. There is no requirement to sell products in the Geni Hub marketplace.

Save on Subscription Fees

For many subscribers at this level, the savings from the payments processing program will offset subscription fees.

No Integration + Automation

No tech integration for revenue streams. Financial operations reporting (for IRS, licensing, insurance, etc.) is automated.