Level 1 Subscription

Revenue Streams and Savings

Revenue Streams


Farmers can market their farms as a destination experience: hotel, restaurants, farmer’s market, educational work experience, etc. They can market to the supply chain, support organizations, universities, secondary schools, and tourists worldwide. Payments processing inside the marketplace enables full-service sales.

Acquire & Sell

Farmers can acquire/sell to food processors, brands, consumers.

Institutional Selling Power

Farmers gain institutional selling power via multi-farm coop sales, via this direct sales channel.



All subscribers are offered payments processing via InfoTouch/WorldPay, leveraging the Geni Hub network’s community discount rate.

Free Review

The program includes a free review of merchant services agreements, and discounts on POS systems, including mobile POS devices for onsite sales. There is no requirement to sell products in the Geni Hub marketplace.