Revolutionizes Food
Supply Chain Markets

Removes human and technological obstacles to achieve data-driven intelligence and universal interaction in the global food supply chain.

Executive Summary

First global encrypted SaaS for the food supply chain from farm to fork
GeniHub uses proven, large-scale and secure tech to create an impartial, highly interoperable digital backbone that empowers any supply chain stakeholder to prove any claim towards other stakeholders AND consumers, in an open and immutable way. The solution is blockchain agnostic (works with every chain) and thus future-proof. 

Cloud-based Solution

Designed to digitize, sort, trace, transact, analyze and certify all supply chain functions into a universal language in real-time.

Combines Existing Technology

Formed by combining existing universal code translator with globally patented, stackable, cyber crime preventing QR technology.

First of its Kind

No other system combines ESG data with farm to fork reporting data, communications, and transactions into one, fully transparent, secure platform.

GeniHub does to supply chain interaction what social media did to human interaction, making it global, instant, and secure.

Today’s Food Supply Chain Problems


People and businesses don’t want to be tracked over privacy concerns, trade secrets, etc.


Thousands of computer platforms and programs don’t communicate with each other.

Wasteful & Expensive

Costly, inefficient, and prone to 30%-40% food waste


Rampant cybercrime: data easy to steal and subject to fraud

Not Transparent

No transparency or trackability: paper in a digitized world

Cannot Track Data

Inability to track and trace ESG, organic, regenerative farming, and carbon sequestration practices


No real-time data exchange

No Integration

Disparate stakeholder technology: not linked on same platform and no common language


Overcomes Supply Chain Obstacles

For the first time combines universal database translator, payment processing, cyber crime prevention, access control, privacy, track and tracing

Proven Technology

Proven, global, SaaS cloud-based technology

Ease of Use

Log in with no technology integrations or no new software or hardware


Translates any database: fully compatible system amongst subscribers

Tracks Data

Digitizes, sorts, traces, analyzes, transacts, encrypts, and certifies information from farm to fork



Cyber crime prevention with no malware risk

Real Time Authorization

Enabling product movement and full transparency

Market Size

We forecast an extremely low target market share of <2% by Y5

Target Subscriber Profiles

Sales & Marketing

Varied distribution channels: SaaS, direct sales, cybersecurity market networks, referral networks, e-commerce platform, and stakeholders

Targeted social media and traditional ad campaigns

Multiple corporate entry portals including C-level, marketing and sales, business development, and ESG reporting

As GeniHub enlists more subscribers, supply chain partners will see the benefits and join as well

Farmers’ participation will increase as information exchange translates into higher profits/acre

Unique Features

Competitive Advantage to GeniHub Database Enhancement

Patentable, Proprietary, & Scalable Technology


Universal code translator technology used in Europe

20 years in development

9 million users with 35 billion euros in transactions

Zero times hacked

Countless staff hours saved


GeniHub code is proprietary, exclusive, and the product will be patented upon completion

Will have the first-mover advantage to global food supply chain market

Will create other GeniHub supply chain products for other verticals


Merging three integrated third-party systems: a universal translator, Next Gen Digitized QR code technology, and cyber threat intel, to create GeniHub

GeniHub software code in final stages of development


Tokya Dammond

Tokya Dammond

CEO & Founding Partner

  • 25+ years of experience investing in organic supply chain for leading brands of the EU and US
  • President of SymBio Organic since 1994

Narcis Balalau

Narcis Balalau

CFO & Founding Partner

20+ years expertise in end-to-end product cycle on the global F&B market, blockchain technologies, serial tech startups entrepreneur.

Maya van der Meer

Maya van der Meer

Advisory Board

  • 20+ years of experience launching, developing, and promoting impactful businesses and non-profits.
  • 10+ years IT staff at Bard College
  • Award-winning author

Eric Newman

Eric Newman

Sales Consultant

  • 25+ years of experience in organic food sales, agricultural, food manufacturing & processing, distribution and wholesaling, logistics, environmental conservation and regeneration strategy.

  • Leadership roles focused on organic, sustainable, and regenerative practices in the meat sector, and overall food supply chain logistics.




Projected Income Statement

Revenue & Earnings

We expect 5Y revenue growth of 20x

High gross profit model +90% of revenue

Revenue stream is calculated based on the food industry vertical

We forecast an extremely low target market share of under 2% MS by Y5

Revenue Streams

Revenue Streams by Product in MIL$

Subscription Levels


Use of Proceeds


Initial Funding Goal


Complete Build